Exam Changes, Postponements and Cancellations

The last exam of the SAC Clinical Certification Program is on March 7, 2020.

Application deadlines are set based on the exam services and site set-up requirements. These dates cannot be altered. There is some flexibility for candidates who have submitted their application by the deadline to make changes, postpone or cancel their exam.



Changes Cancellation with a refund minus $50 Cancellation with a 50% refund
2020 Spring Exam January 31,
Midnight (EST)
January 31,
Midnight (EST)
February 11,
Midnight (EST)


  • Submit the Changes and Cancellations Request Form.
  • Requests for changes received prior to the posted deadlines will be considered for approval, subject to availability.
  • SAC will not accept requests for changes received after the posted deadlines. 
  • Change requests may include:
    • location of exam (request will only be considered for existing sites);
    • exam language; and
    • copy of alternate language exam.


  • Submit the Changes and Cancellations Request Form.
  • Requests submitted prior to the posted deadlines will receive the appropriate refund.
  • Requests received after the posted deadlines will not be refunded.

Postponements  As March 2020 will be the last SAC exam, postponement is not applicable.

  • Submit the Postponements Request Form.
  • Requests submitted prior to the posted deadline will be reviewed for approval. 
  • Approved requests will be postponed to the next exam date. 
  • Requests for postponements received after the posted deadline will not be accepted.
  • Exams can be postponed only once.
  • Candidates whose exam is postponed:
    • must write at the next exam date;
    • must apply for the next exam prior to the application deadline;
    • do not qualify for a refund or another postponement.

Extenuating Circumstances

  • If you are unable to write the exam due to circumstances beyond your control, you must submit written evidence of your circumstances to SAC as soon as possible (certification@sac-oac.ca).
  • A refund may be provided at the discretion of SAC's Chief Executive Officer.
  • Circumstances considered include illness and a death in the family.