SAC Webinar: Beyond the Clinic Walls – Why Students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing Need Educational Audiologists

Presented By Krista Yuskow, Au.D., R. Aud


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Intermediate – Assumes general familiarity with the literature and professional practice within the areas covered.

Intended Audience
  • speech-language pathologists
  • audiologists
  • students
This Session Pertains To:
  • School Aged (5-17)


There is no doubt that clinical audiologists do an absolutely fantastic job of providing children with great audibility and access to the sounds of speech. Now what happens after the child leaves your clinic? Real-world communication experiences are fraught with barriers unaddressed by met hearing aid prescriptive targets and parental understanding. For children, the school environment contains the crux of these barriers.

Many children who wear hearing aids, cochlear implants, who may be deaf in one ear, or have other auditory difficulties are attending mainstream educational programs here in Canada. Because hearing loss is a “low incidence” disability, there are not many regular, or even special education teachers who have had training specific to students who are deaf/hard of hearing. So, how can we ensure that students who are deaf/hard of hearing have “access” in their classroom(s)?

Educational audiologists play a crucial role in supporting the access needs of students who are deaf/hard of hearing in their educational settings. This session will provide insight into the status of Educational Audiology in Canada, the roles and responsibilities of the educational audiologist and information about advocating for this essential service.

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Krista Yuskow, Au.D., R. Aud

Over the course of her career Dr. Krista Yuskow has worked in several environments in the US, New Zealand and Canada and for the past 24 years, has been providing school-based audiology services to various school boards in Alberta. She lectures, presents and publishes in areas related to educational audiology both nationally and internationally. Special areas of expertise include optimizing educational and curricular auditory access, self-determination development as well as teen-mentorship and their application to students with hearing loss. Dr. Yuskow is currently the president of the Educational Audiology Association.

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