A Trauma-Informed Lens in Speech-Language Pathology

Presented By Anna Rupert and Kristin Gionfriddo
  • Do you want to learn how trauma and attachment are related to communication development?
  • Do you know what signs of trauma look like in the children you see as clients?
  • Do you want support on how to talk to families about trauma?

In this training you will learn about the neurobiology of trauma and the connection to speech, language and communication development. You will also learn what trauma-informed care is and how to apply it to speech, language and communication work with children from birth to six years old. And in the last session, you’ll learn how to talk to families about trauma, including typical scenarios you’ll encounter and things you can say. Content is applicable to Canadian practice guidelines

Kristin Gionfriddo, MSW, RSW

Kristin Gionfriddo is a social worker who works for the George Hull Centre Institute of Childhood Trauma & Attachment and the George Hull Centre Community Clinic. Kristin has also been a part-time professor at Humber College in the postgraduate addictions and mental health program since 2017. Kristin is completing her DDP practicum and integrating her DDP skills with her DBT and TF-CBT training.

Anna Rupert

Anna Rupert is a speech-language pathologist, currently managing West Toronto’s Preschool Speech and Language Services at the George Hull Centre for Children and Families. Through her career, Anna has worked with a wide variety of clinical populations in many different systems and practice settings. Anna is a writer, researcher and healthcare consultant. Anna also conducts research with the George Hull Centre Institute of Childhood Trauma and Attachment.

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