9:30 am - 12:15 pm

Counselling: How Can We Build Meaningful Relationships between Audiologists and People with Hearing Problems?

The language used in the description reflects the language of the sessions.

Working with those who have a hearing loss, or their families, means audiologists are often put in the position of building professional relationships with people who may be feeling emotional and experiencing difficult personal adjustments as they deal with the challenges of hearing loss. While we are not professional counsellors, we as audiologists can be placed in situations where our professional expertise will not be as effective unless we provide appropriate support for our clients and their families. What is our role in these situations? Are you under such pressure timewise that you feel you cannot give time to the clients who come to you? In today’s busy clinics, how do we ensure that we manage communication well, alongside the technology?

This workshop, through interactive small groups, will provide an opportunity to think about the challenges facing our clients, how we respond to these challenges and how we can make time to build meaningful relationships in our day-to-day clinics. Time will be given to reflect on our conversational and communication skills and on our priorities. The resources for the session will be taken from the work of Kris English and David Luterman.

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Sue Archbold
PhD, Hon LLD


Kathy Pichora-Fuller


Grace Shyng
M.Sc., Aud(C), RAUD, RHIP