9:15 am - 5:00 pm

Target Audience
Speech-Language Pathology


Time & Length of Session
Full Day Sessions

Combining Muscle Performance and Skill-Based Training in Dysphagia Rehabilitation: The Intensive Dysphagia Rehabilitation Approach (IDRA)

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In this workshop, the presenter will first review principles of exercise physiology/muscle performance, as well as principles of neuroplasticity and motor learning and their applications and current evidence in dysphagia rehabilitation. We will summarize examples of both muscle performance and skill-based training approaches. Then, we will introduce a new approach developed by the presenter, the Intensive Dysphagia Rehabilitation Approach (IDRA). IDRA is a neuroplasticity-driven intensive treatment approach that combines both muscle performance and skill-based training in addition to adherence-inducing features. IDRA was designed to systematize clinical methods and maximize outcomes in patients with dysphagia. The workshop will discuss the components of IDRA and present data supporting its safety and preliminary effectiveness. The workshop will build a case as to why such combination approaches may be more effective for some of our patients, and will end with case studies where participation of the audience will be integral.

Learning objectives:

  1. Describe principles of exercise physiology, neuroplasticity and motor learning.
  2. Identify the scientific premise of the IDRA components.
  3. Describe how to start implementing some of these components in their practice.

Georgia Malandraki