Cognitive-Communication Course For Acquired Brain Injury (CCCABI)


Credit: Sheila MacDonald & Associates

As a speech-language pathologist you know the critical importance of communication and the many challenges faced when an acquired brain injury affects one’s ability to think and communicate. You may also be aware of the growing body of evidence to support our interventions in this field. However, busy clinicians may find it difficult to review and synthesize that evidence into practical interventions.

The Cognitive-Communication Course for Acquired Brain Injury (CCCABI) is a course tailored for S-LP’s that focuses on the cognitive and communication challenges we address as we assist those with acquired brain injuries in reconstructing their lives.

The CCCABI Course features:

  • 12 modules that integrate clinical and research evidence from coma to college and career.
  • 21 hours of on-line video lectures that you can take at your convenience.
  • Comprehensive modules incorporating research evidence, clinical insights, and stories of those with lived experience of ABI.
  • Course materials for each module including handouts with more than 80 slides, over 100 references, and practical clinical tools.
  • 9 Modules dedicated to treatment.
  • Pre-module and Post-module test and confidence assessment.
  • Self-Evaluation Tool you can use to evaluate your skills, set goals for personal growth, evaluate students or demonstrate your quality assurance efforts.
  • Certificates to demonstrate your dedication to continuing education.

Through a series of 12 online modules, participants will be able to:

  • Hone clinical skills and knowledge of evidence in the field of CCD.
  • Access a one-stop resource that integrates and organizes the growing CCD literature.
  • Strengthen your concept of the unique role of S-LP and celebrate leaders in our field.
  • Demonstrate your learning with credentialing through Certificates and CEU’s.
  • Provide your clients with evidence-based assessments and real-world treatment strategies.
  • Benefit from a shared understanding and growing community of practice in S-LP CCD.

To learn more about the CCCABI Course, please refer to this PDF

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