About the CETP Exams - AUD/SLP

The CETP Exams – AUD/SLP are the Canadian Entry-to-Practice Exams for the professions of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology. Successful completion of the CETP Exams – AUD/SLP is one of the criteria required for registration / licensing purposes in many Canadian regulated jurisdictions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Enrolling in, and writing the exam does not guarantee registration/licensure in any province. All exam candidates must contact the regulator in the jurisdiction where they intend to practice to begin the process of application for licensure separately from the exam enrollment and writing process.

CETP Exams - Information

For more information on writing the CETP Exams – AUD/SLP, contact:
Christiane Ménard, CETP Exam Manager at cetpexams@sac-oac.ca.