7:30 am - 9:15 am

Is Audiology Relevant for the Future of Hearing Health, Nationally and Globally?


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The impact of hearing loss in both adults and children often goes unrecognized by communities, policy makers, professionals and health care funders. However, hearing health is increasingly a topic of interest — particularly as the aging population grows. In 2017, the World Health Organisation launched global objectives of prevention, screening and identification and increased access to audiology services and current technology. Increasingly, hearing loss is being seen as a communication and public health issue, rather than a medical one, and one which is one of the biggest causes of disability in older age. 

Audiologists are key to moving services forward in challenging times as technology rapidly develops, as demand for patient-centered care increases and as financial challenges grow. This presentation will summarize the current initiatives in hearing care taking place globally, the evidence supporting them and it will suggest that audiology is highly relevant in influencing future policy and practice.

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Sue Archbold
PhD, Hon LLD