8:30 AM - 5:15 PM

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Full Day Sessions

Age Groups
Adult (18-64)
Senior (65+)

Acknowledging and Addressing Hearing Loss: Promoting and Supporting Readiness, Adoption and Success in Hearing Rehabilitation for Age-Related Hearing Loss

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Adults often delay seeking help for hearing problems and they may struggle to acknowledge and address hearing loss. The decision to see an audiologist and embark on rehabilitation, as well as long-term success, can depend on many non-auditory factors related to life changes and social support. This session will consider how unaddressed and unacknowledged hearing loss may be detrimental to healthy aging and how audiologists can look beyond auditory factors to promote and support readiness, adoption and success in rehabilitation for age-related hearing loss.

Learning objectives:

  1. Explain how unacknowledged or unaddressed age-related hearing loss may affect health.
  2. Develop new approaches to rehabilitation for those with age-related hearing loss.

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Kathy Pichora-Fuller


Gurjit Singh