Student Voice

Our members and associates are why we exist.

Our student associates are the future of our member professions and the association; so we really care what you think.

We stay plugged in to what you need from us through the Director-Student. The Director-Student is an SAC student associate who has been elected to represent student associates on the SAC Board of Directors. 

Representing the interests of student members across the country is a large task — and the Director-Student is still a student herself — so she is supported by a team of Student Reps from each school. 

As a student associate, you have the opportunity to lead the trajectory of your national professional association by running for one of these rewarding and prestigious positions. 


Your 2022-2023 Director-Student

Danielle Busayong (University of British Columbia)

Danielle is a Speech-Language Pathology student at UBC. She is passionate about intersecting activism with the SLP and audiology fields to advocate for anti-ableism and anti-racism in practice. She is interested in pediatrics and speech sound disorders. Danielle runs an informational Instagram dedicated to challenging perceptions in the field (@dictionwithdani.slp). With her avid interest in intertwining activism with clinical practice, she served as a panelist for California State University Sacramento’s R.A.I.N.B.O.W. club’s event to share her perspective and experience on the growing Neurodiversity-Affirming movement. She has always been eager to be involved in her community, and established a summer language program for under-served populations at a local community centre.


2022-2023 Student Representatives

University of Alberta

Carolyn Moorman (S-LP)

Jaedyn Paarup (S-LP)

University of British Columbia

Ashley Chand (S-LP)

Elisabeth Kang (S-LP)

Julia Trolio (Audiology)

Rachel Wang (Audiology)

Dalhousie University

Brianna Bennett (Audiology)

Rowan Wilson-Henkelmann (S-LP)

Georgian College

Emerald Schreier (CHA)

Isabelle De Souza (CHA)

Laurentian University

Jazmine Leduc (S-LP)

Tania Gagnon (S-LP)

McMaster University

Chantelle Boyles (S-LP)

Sarah Alderson (S-LP)

Université Laval

Neyla Solano (S-LP)

Université de Montréal 

Cassandra Hamel-Baz (S-LP)

McGill University

Taylor Woodfine (S-LP)

University of Ottawa

Amanda D'Sylva (Audiology)

Ninell Sygal (S-LP)

Tasnime Abdillahi-Abdi (Audiology)

Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

Anna Lefebvre (S-LP)

University of Toronto

Melanie Lamarca (S-LP)

Renee Dorval (S-LP)

Western University

Madeleine Roberts (S-LP)

Lei (Claire) Wu (Audiology)


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