Clinical Research Grants


SAC Clinical Research Grants

Launched in 2007, SAC's Clinical Research Grants aim to increase the clinical evidence base in the fields of speech-language pathology and audiology in Canada. Each year, SAC may award up to two grants of $3,500 each.

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The principal applicant must: 

  • Be a practicing speech-language pathologist or audiologist.
  • Be a member of SAC.
  • Have, at a minimum, a master's degree (or equivalent) in speech-language pathology or audiology.
  • Have at least one year of clinical experience. 



The 2020 application deadline has passed.



SAC’s Clinical Research Grants Committee will evaluate submissions on the following criteria:

1. The research question / objective is clearly stated and justified with a compelling rationale.

2. The methodology is appropriate for the stated research question / objective.

3. The research question / objective has practical clinical applications.

4. There is evidence that the research will lead to increased research capacity (e.g., facilitate new engagement of clinicians in research, build independence of clinicians for conducting research in the future, and lead to more clinician-driven research in the future).

5. There is evidence of a strong research team: (a) Mentorship as demonstrated by engagement of the mentor(s) in their role mentoring the applicant and previous successful research experience of the mentor. (b) Evidence of strong research capacities of the applicant (and co-applicants) as demonstrated by the ability to bring together the necessary experience, skills and resources to conduct the project.

6. The budget and timeframe are clearly described and demonstrate that the research project is achievable within the costs, methods and timeframe projected / proposed.


​Mentorship Program

Previous SAC CRG recipients have volunteered to mentor applicants and provide guidance on submitting a strong proposal.
If you are interested in submitting an application for a CRG and are looking for guidance, contact Chantal Kealey for a list of mentors. 




For Grant Recipients:

Interim Reporting Form: To be completed by recipient one year into research.

Final Reporting Form: To be completed by recipient once research is complete.



Chantal Kealey, 
Director of Audiology
1.800.259.8519 ext. 281