2021-2022 Board Election Portal

SAC is currently seeking applications from members interested in serving on SAC's Board of Directors for a three-year term. In 2021, there will be four (4) Director vacancies on the Board — including the role of Director-Student. Applicants must be an SAC member or associate at the time of application. The successful candidate must maintain their SAC membership for the duration of their term. To be eligible for the Director-Student position, you must also be enrolled in a recognized Canadian university program offering a graduate degree in either audiology or speech-language pathology; and have completed the first year of your graduate degree program by spring 2021 (students at Dalhousie University must have completed the first or second year of their graduate degree program by spring 2021).
SAC follows a competency-based model for our Board. While we encourage all interested members to apply, we are particularly seeking individuals with knowledge, experience, skills and attributes in the following areas:

  • governance, government relations, policy development, regulatory functions

SAC’s bylaws state that only two Directors may serve on the Board from each province or territory. In 2021 SAC will not be accepting any applications from Alberta or British Columbia. 

Serving on the Board is an incredible opportunity to work with and learn from leaders in the professions, represent your peers, raise the profile of communication health across Canada and gain valuable experience in the process. 




Why Should You Join the SAC Board of Directors?
Past and present SAC Board Directors provide insight into their experiences as Directors.

Andrea Bull
M.Sc., RAUD, RHIP, Aud(C)


Keara Boyce
M.Sc. Candidate


Darin Quinn
BSc., MSc, S-LP


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If you would like more information about being a Board Director please contact our current Chair, Jennifer Cameron-Turley at, chair@sac-oac.ca.

If you would like more information about being a Director-Sudent please contact our current Director-Student Keara Boyce, at director-student@sac-oac.ca.
If you have questions regarding the application process please contact Speech-Language & Audiology Canada, at volunteer@sac-oac.ca.