24 March, 2017 - Laboratory Equipment

"Autism can be accurately diagnosed in blood by a new algorithm assessing blood metabolites, according to a new study by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute scientists. The algorithm uses big data to find..." Continue reading.

17 March, 2017 - Nunatsiaq Online

"The decline of Inuktut language use in Nunavut is spiralling into an ever-quickening free fall and the Nunavut government’s education system, dominated by non-Inuit teachers and administrators, carries a big share of the blame, Ian ..." ...

17 March, 2017 - Stat News

"NEW YORK — Matt Garlock has trouble making out what his friends say in loud bars, but when he got a hearing test, the result was normal. Recent research may have found an explanation for..." Continue reading.  

17 March, 2017 - Stuff

"Researchers are one step closer to finding out whether a banned party drug can help manage tinnitus. The first approved trials of tinnitus treatment using the drug MDMA, which is a component of ecstasy, have been undertaken as a joint study between...

17 March, 2017 - WKSU Radio

"Doctors in Cleveland have for the first time implanted electrodes in the brain of a partially paralyzed patient in order to help them regain movement lost ..." Continue reading.