08 September, 2017 - The Hearing Journal

“When we think of virtual reality (VR), the image that often comes to mind is that of a gape-mouthed teenager wearing a clunky headset and playing a 3D shoot-’em-up video game. Yet, the reality is that VR is so much more than that.” Continue reading...

08 September, 2017 - Global News

“New research is warning that women who are genetically predisposed to Alzheimer’s are most likely to develop the disease during a specific decade of their lives: between…” Continue reading.

01 September, 2017 - Bel Marra Health

“Tinnitus is the sensation of hearing ringing or buzzing in the ears. It is often the result of an underlying condition or a medication’s side effect. It can also be caused by age-related hearing loss, ear injury, or a circulatory problem. While...

01 September, 2017 - Sentinel & Enterprise

“Hearing-loss specialists are assessing the impact a new federal law creating over-the-counter access to hearing aids will have not only on their businesses but on their patients. Audiologists are concerned people with…” Continue reading.

01 September, 2017 - Spectrum News

“Children with social (pragmatic) communication disorder (SCD) have the same features as children with autism — just fewer of them, according to a large study of children with either condition1. The results suggest that the condition is a…” Continue...