05 May, 2017 - The Conversation)

"It’s hard to imagine food prepared in a printer can be tasty and look good. But a presentation at a 3D food printing conference today shows how printed foods could improve the lives of people with swallowing disorders. These people are...

05 May, 2017 - CTV

"Hearing loss is one of the fastest-growing chronic conditions in Canada, but a simple test can help minimize the impact. The test was offered free of charge to anyone who passed through the lobby of City Hall..." Continue reading.

05 May, 2017 - The Hearing Journal

"Visual snow is a symptom described by patients as the continuous perception of tiny flickering dots in the entire field of vision. It has been compared to seeing the world through the static of an out-of-tune analog television. Visual snow is the...

01 May, 2017 - SAC

Read the new release as a PDF here. OTTAWA, ON (May 1, 2017) — May is Speech and Hearing Month in Canada! Each year, Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC) leads an initiative to raise public awareness about the work of speech-language...

28 April, 2017 - CBC

"The Nova Scotia government introduced a balanced budget on Thursday with all the makings of an election document, including tax cuts, increased spending and a host of new programs aimed at..." Continue reading.