31 March, 2017 - CBC News

"Use of Inuit language has been dwindling among Nunavut's Indigenous population, and advocates say the territory's education system isn't helping as much as it should. Under legislation introduced in 2008, Nunavut..." Continue reading...

31 March, 2017 - Mumbai Mirror

"Patients who lose the ability to speak after suffering a stroke may be able to regain their speech through song therapy. Melodic Intonation Therapy (MIT) can help stroke patients who..." Continue reading.

31 March, 2017 - Ear and Hearing

"There are no nationally representative hearing loss (HL) prevalence data available for Canadian youth using direct measurements. The present study..." Continue reading. *This article features research by SAC member Elizabeth...

31 March, 2017 - The Registrer

"Getting an AI to understand speech is already a tough nut to crack. A group of Australian researchers wants to take on something..." Continue reading.

31 March, 2017 - EN Gadget

"YouTube has used algorithms to automatically caption speech for eight years now in an effort to make its billions of videos more accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing. While the feature ..." Continue reading.