07 April, 2017 - Regina Leader Post

"Jessica Tiefenbach is one of many parents speaking out against the Regina Public School Board’s cuts of two preschool programs for high-needs children. Her four-year-old daughter Emily is deaf and attends..." Continue reading.

07 April, 2017 - Scoop

"University of Canterbury researchers at the Rose Centre for Stroke Recovery and Research have revealed an innovative new treatment for people with swallowing impairments..." Continue reading.

07 April, 2017 - Medical Press

"Intensive speech and language therapy can significantly help stroke patients who have been struggling to communicate for six months or more, according to newly published research..." Continue reading.

07 April, 2017 - Huffington Post

" When we walked into the cafe, we were greeted by a waitress who smiled, held out a menu, and pointed to a table. It’s only when we asked for “una mesa para seis,” or a table for six, that we realized something was a bit different..."...

07 April, 2017 - CTV

"The Ontario Autism Coalition is calling on the Liberal government to boost supports for the 20,000 children with autism in the province's schools. In a report released Tuesday, the group recommends..." Continue reading.