22 September, 2017 - CBC

“The acting head of the PEI Literacy Alliance says it will be forced to close unless it finds $150,000 in funding by Sept. 27.” Continue reading.

22 September, 2017 - BBC News

“Barn owls keep their acute sense of hearing into old age, scientists have discovered. Previously, starlings have been found to have this ability, suggesting birds are protected from age-related hearing loss. Understanding more about the...”...

22 September, 2017 - Science Daily

“Humans make a lot of noise. The riffs of heavy metal bands like Metallica and Kiss have soared to levels in the 130-decibel range, levels sure to lead to...” Continue reading.

22 September, 2017 - Metro News

“With kids settling into their new classrooms for the year, a researcher at the University of Alberta is trying to raise awareness of a language disorder she says often goes unnoticed and undiagnosed.” Continue reading. *Featuring SAC member...

22 September, 2017 - Spectrum News

“About 17 percent of children with autism are calmer and more communicative than usual when they have a fever, according to a new analysis. Children with severe autism features are most likely to show these gains. Understanding how fever affects...