24 March, 2017 - CBC News

"One in five patients who have the most common type of stroke don't get recommended screenings to see if the episode damaged their ability to swallow, a recent study in Canada suggests. Under widely endorsed treatment guidelines, stroke patients...

24 March, 2017 - The Guardian

"Yesterday I made history by becoming the first member of parliament to ask a question in the House of Commons using British Sign Language (BSL). I have always fought for equality for all, and am pleased ..." Continue reading.

24 March, 2017 - Global News

"Folks on Sesame Street have a way of making everyone feel accepted. That certainly goes for Julia, a Muppet youngster with blazing red hair, bright green eyes – and autism. Rather than being treated like an..." Continue reading.  

24 March, 2017 -

"A team of surgeons and engineers of Inselspital, Bern University Hospital, and the ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research, University of Bern (Switzerland), have developed a high-precision surgical robot for cochlear implantation. In the...

17 March, 2017 - BBC News

"There is an 'invisible epidemic' afflicting the world, but it's not contagious or infectious, and there are often no outward symptoms.It is hearing loss - a condition..."Continue reading.