22 July, 2016 - Speech-Language and Audiology Canada

In advance of the Summer Meeting of the Council of the Federation, which brings together all of Canada’s premiers, the Health Action Lobby (HEAL) has written a letter to all provincial and territorial premiers, health ministers and finance ministers...

21 July, 2016 - CBC

In many hospitals, the noise level in a patient’s room is so high it may be detrimental to the patient’s health. The average daytime noise level in hospitals has increased 200% since 1960 and the average nighttime noise level has increased 400%. The...

21 July, 2016 - BBC News

Andrew Rees became the first man who is deaf to swim solo across the English Channel this past weekend. Rees used the swim to raise money to help the Great Britain Deaf Swimming team attend the Deaflympics.

21 July, 2016 - MIT Technology Review

Pål Sundsøy, a Norwegian researcher has built a machine learning algorithm that can identify literacy levels in populations using cell phone data. To build his algorithm, Sundsøy used data from 76,000 mobile phone users in Asia. The algorithm can...

21 July, 2016 - Metro

The Alberta Aphasia Camp brings adults with aphasia together with University of Alberta speech-language pathology and occupational therapy students. The camp includes non-traditional therapy activities like canoeing, rope courses and archery.