Student Voice

Our members and associates are why we exist.

Our student associates are the future of our member professions and the association; so we really care what you think.

We stay plugged in to what you need from us through the Director-Student. The Director-Student is an SAC student associate who has been elected to represent student associates on the SAC Board of Directors. 

Representing the interests of student members across the country is a large task — and the Director-Student is still a student herself — so she is supported by a team of Student Reps from each school. 

As a student associate, you have the opportunity to lead the trajectory of your national professional association by running for one of these rewarding and prestigious positions. Learn more.

Your 2017-2018 Director-Student

Remington Shandro (Dalhousie University)

Learn more about Remington Shandro.


2016-2017 Student Representatives

University of Alberta

Michelle Saromo (S-LP)

Nancy Liu (S-LP)

University of British Columbia

Shelby Camozzi (S-LP)

Gregory Bertrand (Audiology)

Dalhousie University

Felicity Lof (S-LP)

Derek Hughes (Audiology)

Université Laurentienne

Mélodie Serré (S-LP)

Université Laval

Isabelle Touchette (S-LP)

Université de Montréal 

Alexandra Deneault-Robillard (S-LP)

Sandrine Pelletier-Laroche (Audiology)

McGill University

Jamie Russell (S-LP)

University of Ottawa

Milva Venditti (S-LP)

Divine Bou-Chebl (Audiology)


Université du Quebec à Trois-Rivières

Amélie Leclerc-Poudrier (S-LP) 

University of Toronto

Rosemary Bakhurst (S-LP)

Alexandra Veitch (S-LP)

Western University


Elaine Kwok (S-LP)

James McGrath (Audiology)